Paolo Vegas


Paolo Vegas is an Italian artist specialising in fashion photography. He graduated from the European Institute of Design in 1992 and kickstarted his career as a photographer in Milan where he has collaborated since 1993 with various photographers and advertising agencies.


Vegas’s artistic style has been strongly influenced by his collaborations and projects and in 2010 “Progetto clonazioni” was born; it consisted of an image where the same subject is portrayed at least twice, creating real clones. In these examples Vegas took more than one shot of the same scene, keeping the same focal length to obtain a uniform depth of field; the camera stays still, positioned at the centre and simply rotated according to the frame that has to be depicted. Every frame and shot constitutes a fragment of the final image. In the last works he employs a different technique that allows him to create “clonations” in unique and unrepeatable settings.


All Vegas’s works, regardless of the project they belong to, present the application of the object, a trademark of Paolo, A somewhat fetishist game that makes the viewer closer to the emotion of the artist's work.