Keren Shpilsher


Keren Shpilsher was born in 1977 in Kiron. She is a graduate of the Visual Communication Department at Vital and lives and worksin Ramat Gan. Shpilsher is an active multidisciplinary artist. In 2002, when she graduated from Vital, she won the promising artist award and a grant from Mifal hapais.


In 2003, as part of the Israeli Lottery "First Portrait" Award, Shpilsher presented an ambitious exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum, which placed her immediately at the center of the art scene. The 'Queen of the Class' exhibition dealt with the gap between the different classes that exist among the children in the school. Through colorful, seemingly childlike and seductive imagery, the viewer is drawn to her works and reveals absurd and difficult themes.


The study of visual communication rather than art has intensified its ambition to eliminate the dichotomy between disciplines. Winning the first portrait award, precisely as a visual designer, was a surprise, a dream come true, and her unique road triumph.

Over the past decade, having developed a rich artistic language, and a unique and recognizable fingerprint, Shpilsher has created tirelessly, in a variety of media, and has exhibited her works in hundreds of exhibitions. She has exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum, Nahum Gutman Museum, The Herzliya Museum, and many different art venues outside the center and the periphery of Israel. Shpilsher's artistic language incorporates comics, art history, Judaica, consumer culture and pop, current affairs, social injustices and folklore. All of these are undergoing exciting and reworking.