Benito Macerata

Benito Macerata was born in 1964 in Sant'Elpidio a Mare, Italy. He obtained the state professional diploma for commerce and later that of technical stylist at the Ars Sutoria in Milan. He began his career in the family business "Mirella" and then began his career as a freelancer, which led him to collaborate directly and indirectly with national and international brands such as Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Stefano Ricci, Franceschetti, Replay, Geox, Miss Sixty, Energie, Feathers UAE. He is currently the owner of two international patents: iShu and Bemax.
A life characterized by commitment, determination, professionalism and success in the fashion industry, always in search of beauty. In recent years he began to draw and paint on walls, canvases, design objects, producing an anthology of works, over 100, created over a few years characterized by hard trials in which the artist nevertheless reveals his real personality, not hiding his evolutionary path as a human being. A complex artist, therefore Macerata, precisely because of the dichotomy between everyday work and his most intimate artistic expression. A man who grieves while cultivating the desire to represent the world around him by showing its colors, joy and life. It comes back from everything.
«I let the images form themselves, then I try to order them. I become like a go-between: it's a kind of magic, a spirit that possesses me and gives them shape. It's almost always some sort of burst of energy. I think art is a recording of a state of being, of an instant of life: a point where your energies and your strengths and all the surrounding environment merge into what you are doing». Keith Haring.
Spontaneity, the essence of all of Haring's work, can be traced in the production of the contemporary artist Benito Macerata who, precisely in the spontaneity of his painting, hides the secret that allows you to transform a gesture into something tangible.