Marco Lodola

One of the most acclaimed artists in Italy and a key representative of the Neo-Futurist movement, Marco Lodola is distinguished for his distinct Pop style that blends art, design, film, and music. Recognized for their bright colors and recognizable subject matter, Lodola’s lustrous sculptures of pop culture icons such as LupinBatman, and Freddie Mercury display fun and playfulness. His work, which also includes scooters and cars made with perspex and neon, conveys the power of art to uplift people. Using the immediacy of colours and the linear nature of forms, Lodola addresses the same public as that of the cinema, television, advertisements and music, seeking contamination between the various artistic disciplines in order to draw from it new impulses and creative stimulus while attempting to adapt the times and methods of art to those of contemporary life.
Lodola was commissioned to create sculptures and installations for 400 Dior boutiques in 2021. He has also created work for events, films, music videos, album covers, and fashion designers. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Milan.