Carla Tolomeo


Carla Tolomeo is an Italian born artist. Since her childhood, Tolomeo was encouraged by renowned Italian artist and writer Giorgio De Chirico and, later by Renato Guttuso amongst other artists who appreciated and stimulated her artistic abilities. She directed her art towards diminishing boundaries between expressions of art. With the support of these important figures in Italian culture, by 1971 she held her first exhibition in Lugano, Italy inspired by Japanese painting. 


Tolomeo has an array of skills ranging from painting, engraving, sculpture and ceramics. Later in her career Tolomeo began to focus on the philosophy of “a mutation, in a transformation from any object to an object of art, starting from the most banal and domestic furnishing element: the Chair” – giving her recognition as the "Lady of Chairs”. As a result of her studies, experience and nonstop desire to learn new techniques, Carla Tolomeo succeeds in transforming her chairs into totems, into something magical that recalls an almost rediscovered childhood, with a hint of malice of those who have lived life intensely.