Spheres seem to dominate Deredia’s life. When he was a young boy, Deredia saw them in the Museum of San Jose, Costa Rica, his home country. They were multisized ancient abstract sculptures, created by the Native Americans about 1,700 years ago. He was greatly impressed by these sculptures; to him they represented important proof of a civilization. These childhood spheres erected a bridge linking spirituality and rationality and they represented the glue for an ethnic group. "That time, inside the museum of San Jose, I realized that the only thing I could do in life was to sculpt, comparing myself day after day to those masterpieces of simplicity and greatness," says Deredia. Even though his parents wanted him to become a doctor, he knew that sculpting was the only possible path for him.


Currently Deredia is carrying out a long trajectory of monumental outdoor exhibitions started in 2003. Deredia has shown his works in outdoor exhibitions in many cities worldwide, from Florence to Rome, from Valencia to Trapani, La Baule in France, Mexico City, Lucca in Italy, San José and Miami.