Agostino Ferrari


Agostino Ferrari is an Italian artist. Attracted by art since childhood, in 1959 he met the painter Remo Brindisi, who invited him to work in his studio. In 1961, at the Pater gallery in Milan and with the presentation of the critic Giorgio Kaisserlian, he made his first exhibition. The works of this period are inspired by the Milanese industrial suburbs of the late fifties and, although they are absolutely non-figurative and indeed affected by the lesson of informal art, they show an explicit naturalistic influence, which also transpires from the title chosen to group the tables and drawings of those years: Nature Surrounding Landscape. The long association with Lucio Fontana imprints an evolutionary leap in Ferrari's painting, which does not translate into intimate adherence to the principles of Spatialism, but rather into a more generic reflective depth, highly philosophical, of his artistic work which has remained intact, even though between rethinking and experimentation, over the decades.


 The guiding thread of his works till today is ‘the sign’. From 1983 to the present day his treatment of the sign has centered on the Events, in which the sign is completely free of superstructures and is realized in its totality. Yet the sign is not just the equivalent of writing, it is a sign-symbol, an emblem, created out of sand as it is a material of great "tactile theatricality."